Is it Better to Rent or Buy your Home

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When answering this age old question “Is it better to rent or buy your home” that is hotly debated by supporters on both sides, we first need to establish are you living for the now, the present; or are you looking to establish yourself and your family for future prosperity?

While there are advantages to buying a home, it is true there are also advantages to renting. But these scales of comparison seem to become irrelevant when analysing it from the futurist perspective.

Talk to the over 50year old who has rented all their life, and you will most likely hear

‘if only I had bought when the market was low’


‘when I was working hard in my younger years, I should have saved and bought a house’.

As life progresses, statistics show that we look to slow down and begin to enjoy the good things that life has to offer. But with ever rising rent prices that enjoyment stage or retirement age just seems to be getting pushed back with every year.

Talk to the over 50year old who purchased in their younger years, have their home paid off, you will never hear the voice of rent regret. In fact, it’s the opposite – they will no doubt without hesitation say;

Buy your home when your young and pay it off as quick as you can.

It seems that old saying still rings true today;

Wisdom begins at the end. ~Daniel Webster

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